About the blogger

David Brown has 40+ years of experience as a photographer.  In the darkroom, he has done both black and white and color processing and printing.  He is now using digital cameras and printing methods for all color work, while staying with the silver halide darkroom process for black and white.

He has been a wedding and commercial photographer, a darkroom technician; and most recently participated with 4 other Texas photographers on the Texas Church Project: a collaborative effort documenting historic church buildings using film and darkroom prints.  In 2007, they appeared in a segment of the “Texas Country Reporter” TV show.  http://youtu.be/QrrDMvDKEgA

For a number of years, Brown was employed by a security company maintaining bank surveillance cameras that used 16mm and 35mm film.  Clients consisted of 95 banks and S&L branches, plus jewelry stores and other high security facilities.  In addition to maintaining and constantly testing the hundreds of cameras installed at client locations, he designed the in-house darkroom for the company; and processed, printed and archived 10’s of thousands of feet of film.

Recent exhibitions have included:

  • University of North Texas 2007
  • Abilene Camera Club 2008 (with presentation)
  • Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas 2009
  • Texas Tech University School of Architecture 2009 (with lecture presentation)
  • Cathedral of Saint Matthew, Dallas 2010
  • Jeanette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas 2014
  • East Texas Pipe Organ Festival Archives, Kilgore, TX November 2014, March 2015, November 2015

Website is located at: http://silverdarkroom.net

A blog documenting the construction of the current darkroom can be found at: http://newdr.blogspot.com/


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