Talking with Ilford

Last night (Dec 2) Mike Bain, the Ilford rep for North America held a sort of town meeting at Don’s Photo in Dallas. Here is a link to an earlier published interview (March 2014) that covers basically the same material Bain talked about at Don’s.

Blue Moon Camera interview

As far as “updating”: film sales continue to rise, as does fiber paper. RC sales are off a bit, but balanced by fiber sales.

(Todd, of Don’s Photo (the host), said that his film sales have been growing each year.)

All in all, good to hear from a source, as it were, rather than rumors on internet forums. Rumors have especially been prevalent lately as Ilford (Harman Technology) was recently bought by an investment company. We were assured that this is a good thing, as the investors bought Harman because it was making money, and have no interest in breaking it up or shutting it down. This also gives Harman an influx of capital, which can be used for additional promotion and R & D.

I had to leave before the session ended, so I don’t know if I missed anything important in the question and answer period. Also, I did not get to “network” with the crowd, but, oh well …

There may be a video of the presentation put on the internet at a later date.


Don’s Photo Equipment

Dallas Center for Photography

Silver Darkroom on Facebook




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