Another Analog vs. Digital Discussion

I am not an audiophile.  I am a musician and enjoy listening to my fairly large and certainly eclectic CD and LP collection.  And yes, I do listen to both CDs and LPs.  The reason for both is mostly pragmatic.

I started collecting records in high school (nothing out of the ordinary there) and when CDs essentially replaced LPs in the marketplace, I started buying CDs.  But, I did not throw away the LPs or the turntable.  And, in fact, I bought another turntable when the college era one finally got a bit worn and unstable.  I still buy used LPs occasionally at the local used book and music stores.

Not being an “audiophile”, I do not normally read audiophile websites or blogs, but this one was linked on a photography site recently, and I found a couple of blog posts relevant to the “analog/digital” thing photography is going through.  Digital technology replacing analog is not limited to photography.  It not only happened in audio and video, but in other things such as pipe organs, for instance.  (How’s that for esoteric?)

Anyway, as can be seen from this post, there is no reason not to use and enjoy both with audio, and perhaps, too with photography.

Audiophile: Another Analog vs. Digital Comparison


PS: I disagree with the blogger’s assessment of how long it takes to “prepare” and LP to listen.  Just put the record on the turntable … 



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