Busy, Busy, Busy

Or, when it rains, it pours.

I always told myself that when I retired, I would spend more time on the art of photography. I have not made any of my living connected to photography since 1987, so any and all work was “recreational” except arguably for the 3 years I spent on the Texas Church Project, collaborating with other photographers doing documentary work. But even that was discretionary – I didn’t have to do it.

Yet, there was only so much time. While on the TCP (2006-2009), I did virtually nothing else photographically. For most of 2010, I was building my current darkroom, and very few actual pictures were made.

2011, I retire! “Get to work”, I told myself.

Well, there was that period of adjustment (to retirement). Did some experimenting visually. Not much to show for it. Time passed quickly, while ideas were fermenting and growing. Took a photo trip to Iceland. Took a driving trip through California and the West with cameras in tow. Mounted a group exhibition. Began another documentary project, this time with color digital. I’m still not caught up with printing from Iceland, California and the doc project.

Anyway, things happen in clumps! The work on the color project continues. Although most of the shooting is done, there are still prints to be made, and I am trying to create a book to sell in concert with the non-profit that I’m doing the work for. That has to be done in the next 6-8 weeks.

Then, I was contacted by a regional magazine doing an article on said non-profit, and they want to purchase some of my photographs to illustrate the article. Next couple of weeks.

And, later this month I am taking a workshop with Alan Ross. I don’t take many workshops – the last one was 10 years ago – but this seemed like a good idea when I looked at the prospectus. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Ross has assigned “homework” before the workshop. I need to answer some questions about my work, and prepare some images to send to him ahead of time.

And, in a fit of apparent masochism, I volunteered to be the treasurer for a group I belong to (nothing to do with photography) and we are right now in the process of doing the new budget!

It’s a good thing I am retired!


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