In Pursuit of Form

Sculpture and Photographs by Brett Weston

I have been looking for this book off and on since I returned from California over a year ago. I knew I had not disposed of it, but it was nowhere to be found. Yesterday, in moving some other things around in the “archives”, I opened a box of papers, brochures, maps, etc. from the California trip and the book was in with them!

BW Sculpture001 web

In May of 2014, we stayed a couple of nights at Wildcat Hill, the family home of Edward Weston, now occupied by his grandson Kim Weston and Wife Gina. They rent out Bodie House, the second cottage on the property, to visitors and they live in Edward’s original house.

Kim and Gina are very gracious hosts. Part of each visit is Kim showing one around, which includes Edward’s darkroom, pretty much as it was when Edward worked in it. It’s a pilgrimage for any film photographer, and I was not immune to the history in that small, Spartan room.

But we also talked about Kim’s Uncle Brett. Kim had been Brett’s assistant for a period of time. There was a couple of Brett’s wood sculptures among the many other art works in the house and I commented that I knew Brett had done sculpture. Kim said that not many people knew that, so he wanted to give me a book!

BW-Dune-1934-printed 1980

BW dune Sculpture

It was this little book, an exhibition catalogue from the Monterey Museum of Art, from when they had mounted an exhibition of Brett Weston photographs and sculptures in 2002.

Brett did woodworking and sculptures all of his life, but most people just don’t know about it, since he is famous for (obviously) the photographs! He did both free standing pieces and wall plaques. The interesting thing is the connection and influence of his photographs on the woodcarvings. The connection is undeniable and the exhibition of the two art forms together was the thrust of the exhibition.

BW white flower

BW white sculpture

Anyway, I am pleased to have found the book, and grateful to Kim Weston for giving it to me. It is my best souvenir from Wildcat Hill!


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