A gathering of photographers

There was a gathering of about a dozen photographers in Dallas today, with most of them showing examples of their work. It may not have been a proper salon, but the get together was certainly a step in that direction.

Interesting work was shown, from black and white silver gelatin, to digital color, to collage. Landscapes, architecture, still life, and other varied subject matter made an appearance.


There is no substitute for seeing actual prints. Nothing looks the same on line or in a reproduction. We are blessed in the North Texas area with a museum that has a large, significant photography collection, and three local galleries that deal exclusively in photography. But it is hard to see work by current, local photographers.


This was a good start to what we hope to become a regular practice in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It has been attempted before, usually with only 6 or 8 participants. Part of the success in achieving a larger number for this date was better publicity, via assorted social media and email lists.


The core of this group is made up of film photographers and darkroom printers. However, we are not limiting participation to film or darkroom photographers. Our principle objective is to let artist photographers have a place to show and share work. Commercial photographers have their own outlets, i.e., their customers. While many artists are, by nature, introverted; we hope that participation will be an inspiration for all involved.


Perhaps, someday, we can reach the levels of the old Paris salons. Stay tuned for information on the next gathering!


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