Photostock – Part II

Photostock is all but over now. A party is ongoing, and for a few die-hards it will go on for several more hours.

Today we had print sharing. Many of the attendees, including me, laid out work for any to see and laid bare our artistic souls. It was fine. I got some very nice feedback, including from Christina Anderson, one of the keynote presenters this year. I also saw some very nice work from several people.

Then we had a print exchange. All of us that brought a print for the exchange were given a numbered ticket. When your number was drawn, you got the next print in the random queue. I got a nice color print from an older lady that I just happened to be standing next to. Unfortunately, her nametag wasn’t visible, and I can’t read the signature on the print! Oh, well.

The gentleman that got my print (Eric) came over and told me how thrilled he was with the print. That was very gracious of him and nice to hear. What was above and beyond was when he approached me this evening and reiterated his praise and gratitude. He really likes the print! Well, now, that certainly made my day.


In the afternoon, there was an informal open house at Bill Schwab’s new workshop facility and darkroom. Some one had found a really nice stainless darkroom sink for the darkroom, and so the ABS sink it replaced was available. I was willing to take it, as I had driven to Photostock in my pickup. Everyone was happy.


Tonight, we had three more presentations by artists. All different. All passionate. All worth hearing.

And now, the party.

I’m a bit worn out for partying, and I wanted to get some thoughts down before turning off for the night.

In a few days, after returning home and processing all of the past two and a half days, I’ll be able to determine what it will mean for me, if anything. At that time I probably will write some more meaningful posts about Photostock.

My own photography is at a crossroads, and that was well in mind before coming here. The speakers all reinforced the need for us to move on. So, we’ll see.

Stay tuned.


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