Photostock – Part I

Just finished the first full day of Photostock 2015. Photostock began in the summer of 2006 as a gathering of photographers who, for the most part, had never met before. It was a post Bill Schwab made on the website APUG that got it started.

There were 20 people the first year and now it has grown to over 100, each year bringing diverse and talented people together to share knowledge, experience and grow as photographers.


The format is scheduled and loose at the same time. This year there are numerous presentations, mostly by artist photographers about their work and/or processes. The first one was last night (Thursday – a partial day) about making dry plates with silver bromide. This was followed by talks from two persons about their work.

Today (Friday) there were a few more of the same. The general theme, whether planned or not, seems to me to be to experiment, or at least, get out of one’s comfort zone and make new work!

I’m game!


In the near future, I will outline my plans for the future of my own work. Last year, at the SILVER exhibition, a viewer commented that my photos were not what they were used to seeing from me. She hasn’t seen anything yet.

Even given all that, the highlight of the day was viewing a film about Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott. The film highlighted their relationship – Abbott was Atget’s assistant near the end of his life, and was responsible for preserving his work after his death – and how each of them were pioneers in their own, similar ways.

Good stuff!

Tomorrow is print sharing, a visit to the almost completed (but already in use) workshop facility, and a few more presentations!

Stay tuned.



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