Photostock 2015

Tomorrow morning I head out for a drive across country. Leaving Texas, I will end up in Northern Michigan at Photostock 2015. Photostock is a gathering started by photographer Bill Schwab years ago.

This is my first Photostock. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea, but it is 1300 miles away. So, why am I going? Well, because I’ve always been intrigued by the idea …

I met Bill Schwab in 2013 when my wife and I went on one of the photo tours he takes periodically to Iceland. It was a great trip and we made friends of the group of 9 folks who spent the time there together. Bill is a great guy, a great photographer, and I always figured Photostock would be a class act as well.

Why am I driving? I’m not fond of flying – done my share. I’m not against it, but I avoid it if not necessary. Driving will have it’s advantages in that I can take a lot more photo gear, and more prints to show and share with the other photographers. All a part of Photostock. Plus, I’m taking a less than direct route to get there. I have set up two “shoots” on the way.

Currently, I am photographing historic pipe organs in East Texas and surrounding areas for the archives of the East Texas Pipe Organ Festival.

Last year, I volunteered to do photo documentation of these instruments. The project is ongoing. The work is all color, and all digital. On the way to Photostock, I’ll be stopping and working in Shreveport, LA and Vicksburg, MS.

Should be fun. I’ll report back in the blog all about Photostock, and maybe an organ pipe or two.

Longview greatchest


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