It’s a Savoy

See the April 15 post on my recently acquired Brownie Starflash.

I had two basic box cameras as a child and into high school.  One was a Kodak Brownie Starflash, just like my Dad, but the first was a Green Savoy, exactly like this one.

A box was in the mail today!  I found a Savoy at the right price point, and it’s in better condition than I expected from the photos in the ad.  Good to go.  It takes 620 film, which can be re-rolled from readily available 120 film.  It’s like a Holga without the light leaks.

my Savoy

A twin of this camera was the first camera I remember owning.  As I said in the Starflash post, I don’t think I used the camera much.  Most likely, it was the typical scenario where a roll of film (12 shots) would stay in the camera for months, before finally being finished and taken off to the drugstore.  It’s entirely possible that my original never had more than a handful of rolls run through it.

There is this picture I took when I was 11, which is of my childhood dog.


It may have been taken with a Starflash, but it was at this house that I have a visual memory of the Savoy.  Don’t remember where I got it (probably a birthday or Christmas gift) or what happened to it. But there is no mistaking a lime green camera!


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