Think small.

In an age of ever increasing gallery print size, I am experiencing an unusual and unexpected difficulty in selecting a group of images.

In selecting photographs for an exhibition or a portfolio, I’ve always had the advantage of keeping the selection consistent, so that the 6, or 12, or 18 photographs all “went’ together. In my last exhibition, I had selected six photographs, and both my wife, a painter, and the exhibit’s curator singled out the same photograph because it “didn’t go” with the other five. I was able to substitute one that did “go”.

Now I’m faced with picking photographs for the reverse side of my new business card. The printer not only can print a fairly high resolution photograph on the back of business cards, but can print different images; that is, each individual card can have a separate image, as long as you are willing to process, scan, and upload all of them.

I’m ordering one or two hundred cards (haven’t decided), so I am not going to have different images on each card. That’s a little much. But I do want 6, or 8, or 10.

Does quantity = complexity?

Not necessarily. However, this selection is complicated by two additional factors: 1) the small size of the image, and 2), I’ve started shooting color seriously and want to have both color and black and white.

Color is an advantage in one way, in that it is already digital, and the photographs only have to be processed and sized for the cards. The black and white photographs must be scanned, being film based. It is really the size of the card that is a complicating factor.

By now, we’re all used to looking at small images on computer screens and on smart phones. However, small images on a screen or a phone do not look like prints. Subtleties of tonal relationships are often lost in a very small image. Even smart phone images probably look better than a tiny photograph printed offset.

So, I want to pick a selection that is representative, comprehensive, and of a graphic nature that will survive printing on a business card.

Will this look good on a business card?

beach2 framed

It shouldn’t be this hard. Stay tuned.


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