Photograph the Light


It is a photographic cliche’ to “photograph the light”.  That is a piece of advice that every photographer is going to hear and perhaps even say many times.  It is a truism in that light is what forms a photographic image, so, of course, one has to photograph light.  Where many of us are trying to separate ourselves from the herds is in seeing the light a bit differently.

In the prior post, I said: “More and more I am moving towards subjects that are static, often architectural, that allow me to explore angle and lines and the play of light on the same.”

I don’t think there is a better example of that statement than this image made just this past May.  There is no manipulation in this print.  It actually prints “straight”.  It’s all the effect of the light.

I’ll be putting this print and others like it in the gallery show in October.  Come on out and take a look!


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