There are two directions I want to go in my photography, and color is one of them.  (The June 23 post here notwithstanding …)  But, it is secondary, and not really the point of this blog.  Having said that, here’s the deal:

I am not a “street shooter”, or a documentary photographer.  There was a time when I was young that I carried a camera with me everywhere.  I got over it.

However, in some contrast to that predilection, I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for years about a project that is documentary and involves social commentary.  It’s really more the social commentary that attracts me to the project than the photography.  I have not pursued it because there were too many other things to do, and I just haven’t wanted to deal with this aspect:  The project would involve a blog of (digital color) photographs, with commentary about what is depicted.  It would not, by my intention, be political;  but due to the subject matter, I can see where it would get political to some viewers in about 4 seconds!  I just don’t care to deal with that.

A while back, my wife and I were talking about this (again) and she suggested that I simply start taking the photographs, but not start the blog.  Then, I could see if a body of work was developing that might make the blog and its consequences worthwhile.

Fair enough.  However, another project has put the social one on the back burner yet again.  (It’s OK)

I am a musician, as well as a photographer.  (Holy Ansel Adams …)  My near obsession musically is the pipe organ.  Pipe organs are big and esoteric things.  Most of the actual instrument is often not visible, being located either behind a screen or a facade of pipes that are only a small portion of the total instrument.

There are some very famous and historically significant organs in East Texas and in the Dallas area that are now being celebrated with an annual festival.  festival link

I offered up the idea of documenting the instruments photographically to the director of the festival, also the organist at one of the better known churches.  He responded with much enthusiasm!

Test shots have been done and the start of serious work is eminent.

In discussing all this with the festival director, he commented that he really liked black and white.  Hmm …


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